Toughen Part 3

In any good exercise regime there are times when your muscles are sore and all you want to do is quit. You push through and arrive on the other side stronger. In the past couple of weeks, I keep coming back to this idea.  

Toughening Part 2

For any business, non-profit or for-profit, strength gets sustained when you get your financing just right. Knowing the parameters, you have to play in at least five years into the future. While shifts inevitably occur, this is always the goal.


When you can’t control what is happening, challenge yourself to control that way you respond to what is happening.

That is where your power is.

Toughening Part 1

Beginning the hiring process for the Project Manager triggers many other steps for Phase 2. Like, the Project Manager will need a contract. With the building acquisition, we had, what I like to call, the best lawyer in DC. He’s actually on the “Top 100 List of Best Lawyers” every year--so he really is the best. Also, he is cool. He is a bee keeper, rides his bike everywhere no matter the weather, has been to Montana, speaks like a human and not a lawyer.

It is what it is: the cycle

The months ahead are full of many beginnings but also so many endings. It is through the endings that we will reach the series of beginnings that are required to navigate the organization through this major evolution.

This is a robust story. Creating and sustaining Fringe for thirteen years has had serious peaks and deep valleys. I want to give the most useful framework to understand the posts that will appear on this site. Some of you may have volumes of knowledge of what Fringe has been, loved Fringe, hated Fringe, and some may just be learning about us. Whomever you are welcome.