Ok, Player. Play!

I have always been drawn games, figuring out puzzles, or anything needing to be examined or solved. I view managing the Fringe budget as a puzzle always in need of solving and by keeping the numbers in check I am earning points. Balance and the ability to pivot are the keys to ending the year in the black and having points to be able to start the next level (year). Accomplishing this is basically like gaining extra lives.

Wriggling: Restructure Shuffle

One of my advisors recently asked me when I had reached out for advice regarding a staffing issue, if I was looking to hire a direct report or a strategic partner. I quickly replied that I wanted a direct report. This question has stuck in my head for weeks after being asked. After much reflection, the truth is that I am looking for partners for two key positions. But how do I hire at this level while keeping my vision in tack and the organization’s need for efficiency and to remain nimble.

Wriggling and Wriggling

As February begins the lid has certainly been cut off the tough shell of this project. The whole month is set to be a lot of wriggling movements so that we are able to emerge as a vulnerable creature as we enter into the caterpillar stage.

Mindset. Flow. Hope.

Creating a Festival experience for all involved is an opening up of oneself to possibility.  This possibility is intrinsically linked to hope.  We all crave to be in an environment where hope is alive. The goal is to give this to each person—even if it is a small amount. 

Toughen Part 3

In any good exercise regime there are times when your muscles are sore and all you want to do is quit. You push through and arrive on the other side stronger. In the past couple of weeks, I keep coming back to this idea.  

Toughening Part 2

For any business, non-profit or for-profit, strength gets sustained when you get your financing just right. Knowing the parameters, you have to play in at least five years into the future. While shifts inevitably occur, this is always the goal.