24 Months|105 Weeks|17250 Hours is a blog by Julianne Brienza, CEO/Founder of Capital Fringe based in Washington, DC. Posting running through August 2020 will explore the varied aspects of defining the organizational evolution and structure of a annual Fringe festival to a year round organization through photos and narrative.    

Ok, Player. Play!

Ok, Player. Play!


We are working on Arcade, an art installation for the 2019 Fringe Festival. I don’t play video games. When I was a kid, we did, however, get a Nintendo. We had only two games for the longest time--Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda. My two older brothers dominated the usage of the Nintendo, so I never really had much time to play.

 I have always been drawn games, figuring out puzzles, or anything needing to be examined or solved. I view managing the Fringe budget as a puzzle always in need of solving and by keeping the numbers in check I am earning points. Balance and the ability to pivot are the keys to ending the year in the black and having points to be able to start the next level (year). Accomplishing this is basically like gaining extra lives.

 The last couple of weeks, through a series of meetings and probably with the Arcade on my mind, I have been wrestling with choices. These are forced choices from a position of no control. Getting advice from a trusted source and heading in one direction, or making the right decision at the time doesn’t mean there is not an expiration date.

 Things change. Things pivot. This is not something anything or anyone can control, and nor does it mean you made a wrong play. Change is part of the game. It is the choices; the process and principles used that build the path to follow.

 My board member, Tony, gave me some really excellent advice that I have been referring back to over and over since I received it.

 “Your smarts, determination and fortitude have gotten you through tough spots in the past and gotten you a lot of what you want. In the past, you knew what had to be done and it was a matter of being more clever and working harder than the people around you to get what you want. Your determination and energy were the answer. But now these tools are not working for you because you don’t know what to do, how or where to apply your powers.

 The new power you can develop is giving up always having to be right and learning that the real power is in being effective, which trumps being right every time. You can be right, or you can get what you want. If the building is successful, you will get credit because you made it happen, no matter where the right answers came from.

 Keep an eye out for a miracle.”

With a team that is laser-focused on their roles, points get racked up, and tallied and we move to a new level.  The key to the game is the switching to the multi-player mode, listening and keeping an eye out for a miracle.

Entrance into Larva (Caterpillar) Stage

Entrance into Larva (Caterpillar) Stage